I Composing Competition 2013

Ned Ensemble and Città di Desenzano del Garda,
in collaboration with Edizioni Suvini Zerboni (Milan) and
Verona Accademia per l'Opera Italiana
the first International Composition Competition
for a "Monodramma".

Monodramma can be a short chamber opera, a melologo, a Singspiel, an operetta, a poem.


Art. 1
The competition is open to composers from any nationality, without age limit.

Art. 2 Compositions range between 5 and 20 minutes in duration.
They must be written for the ensemble "Ned Ensemble" utilizing from 3 to 7 musicians.
Instruments of "Ned Ensemble":
flute, clarinet, percussions*, piano, violin, viola and cello.
Organic voice. Female voice (soprano) narrator (male) using one or both.
Text can be in any language and translated in Italian and English
* Percussions (one instrumentalist) to be chosen among the following ones: triangle, ride cymbals, caves, maracas, wood blocks, wind chimes, snare drums, tambourine, two bongos, 3 tom tom.

Scores submitted may have already been performed in public performances but they don't have to be awarded in other competitions and must be unpublished. Works with electronics are not eligible.

Art. 3
Each composer may participate with more than one work, to be sent with a separate application and enrollment fee and in separate envelopes.

Art. 4
Each applicant must send:
a) three copies of the score. They must be clearly readable and must be submitted anonymously; the first page of each score must be labelled with a pseudonym and the approximate length of the work;
b) a closed envelop, labelled with the same pseudonym as the score, containing:
  1. application form (see attachment) filled in and signed. The application form must include name, surname, date and place of birth, nationality, permanent address, telephone number, email address, title of the work submitted and pseudonym used by the author;
  2. a declaration that the composition has never been awarded in other competitions and it is unpublished;
  3. consent to use personal information;
  4. a brief biography (in Italian, English or French);
  5. photocopy of identity card or passport;
  6. copy of the bank transfer of Euro 80,00 for enrollment fee (not refundable).
Scores and other materials must be sent via mail only to:
I Concorso Internazionale di Composizione "Monodramma"
c/o Ufficio Cultura, Comune di Desenzano
via Carducci 4 25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS) Italy

no later than 30/09/2013 (date as postmark). Applicants will pay for all shipping costs. Ned Ensemble is not responsible for any delay in the delivery. Scores without the requested information will be excluded from the competition and the application fee will not be refunded.

Art. 5
The application fee of Euro 80,00 must be paid via bank transfer to:
Ned Ensemble
IBAN IT17A0306954460615282448017
Banca Intesa/SanPaolo - Desenzano del Garda (Brescia)
Description: "I Concorso internazionale di Composizione Monodramma"

The name of the applicant and the description must clearly appear. The costs of the bank transfer will be covered by the applicant. Enrollment fee is not refundable except for competition cancellation due to force majeure events.

Art. 6 - International committee
1) M Azio Corghi, composer, President (Italy)
2) M Carlos Roque Alsina, composer (France)
3) M Andrea Mannucci, composer (Italy)
4) M Riccardo Piacentini, composer (Italy)
5) Sig. Franco Masseroni, President Ned Ensemble

Art. 7 - Selection and finalists
The committee will select four scores which will be performed in a public concert on November 24, 2013 at 5. pm at the Auditorium Celesti in Desenzano del Garda, in the frame of the concert season "Città di Desenzano" in cooperation with the VI festival of the Ned Ensemble.
The works will be performed as concerts. Afterwards Città di Desenzano, Ned Ensemble and Edizioni Suvini Zerboni may avail themselves of the collaboration of students from Verona Accademia per l'Opera Italiana to create projects for staging the finalists operas. After the performance the committee will announce the winner.

Art. 8 - Award
The decision is at the incontestable discretion of the committee.
No ex-aequo awards can be given.
Prize: Euro 2.500,00 and
the publication by Edizioni Suvini Zerboni (Milan).

Art. 9
Notification of the selection will be published no later than 15/10/2013 on the Ned Ensemble website (www.nedensemble.com). Finalist composers will be notified by mail, email or telephone. No later than 30/10/2013 the composers of the selected works must send instrumentation in a PDF format.

Art. 10
Applicants accept the present regulations entirely and unconditionally. They authorize the dissemination of articles, press releases, web broadcastings and any other dissemination activity and material made by Ned Ensemble to promote the competition. Scores submitted will not be sent back to the authors. Accommodation expenses for the finalist composers will be covered by Ned Ensemble.

Art. 11
Ned Ensemble may modify the present regulations at any time

Art. 12
The official text of the announcement is in Italian and has been published in the website www.nedensemble.com
In case of any dispute the jurisdiction is of Brescia Tribunal

Direzione Artistica del Ned Ensemble - Email nedensemble@gmail.com
Verona Opera Academy - tel. +39 045 8031012
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