NED Festival
Concerts "Città di Desenzano" Season 2012/13 in cooperation with the
V Festival Ned Ensemble

From 2012 the value of the activity of Ned has been recognized by the City of Desenzano which permits the artistic direction of the group to organize the concert season of the city, then expanded by Ned Festival.
4th November 2012 - 23th March 2013
I International Composing Competition

for the composition of a short chamber opera, a melologo, a Singspiel, an operetta, a poem.
Application deadline: 31th August 2013

Giorgio Gaslini and NED Ensemble
CD and DVD recording by Limen Music

RECITAL SONG BOOK - 16 song from Song Book
for female voice and 6 instruments
(original transcription by the author)
29-30 March 2013
Past events
IV Festival Ned Ensemble
Auditorium Celesti - Desenzano del Garda
November 6 - 13 - 20 - 26 2011 ore 17
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